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The main concept behind the Leader approach is that, given the diversity of European rural areas, development strategies are more effective and efficient if decided and implemented at local level by local actors, accompanied by clear and transparent procedures, the support of the relevant public administrations and the necessary technical assistance for the transfer of good practice.

The difference between Leader and other more traditional rural policy measures is that it indicates 'how' to proceed rather than 'what' needs to be done. Seven key features summarise the Leader approach. It is important to consider them as a toolkit. Each feature complements and interacts positively with the others throughout the whole implementation process, with lasting effects on the dynamics of rural areas and their capacity to solve their own problems.

Rural Development Program for England

RDPE is the Rural Development Program for England, The RDPE 2007-2013 has a budget of £3.9 billion. This is more than double the budget available for the previous program which ran from 2000-2006.

£3.3 billion of the total budget will be allocated to agri-environment and other land management schemes. This funding will help farmers to manage the land more sustainably and deliver important outcomes on biodiversity, landscape and access, water quality and climate change. Some £600 million will be made available to make agriculture and forestry more competitive and sustainable and to enhance opportunity in rural areas.

Places To Go

The Merseyside countryside has a great deal to offer. Farm attractions set in a stunning landscape of thriving woodlands, sparkling waterways, wildflower meadows and natures reserves, make Merseyside an ideal destination for a day out or weekend away. Discover a new side to Merseyside.

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